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See Sun
Teaser Trailer

See Sun

It has a double meaning; one literal meaning “see the sun” and the other one meaning a “gaze” in Korean.

See Sun is a 15-minute autobiographical essay film about the filmmaker and her journey to accept life with both ugliness and beauty. 

Pitch 1 (4:00)

Pitch 2 (7:20)
Pitch 3 (7:08)

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See Sun

Mok In Museum Mok Seok Won 목인 박물관 목석원
자연스러운 사람들 (Natural People), 2022.08.02 - 2022.09.30

Waddell Art Gallery
The Gaze, 2022.08.22 - 2022.09.22

Li Tang Gallery

Portrait, 2022.11.07 - 2023. 01. 22

Eastern Connecticut State University Art GalleryChinatown Chronicles, 2023.01.18 ~ 2023.03.10

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