Written, directed and edited by Yuchae Lee

See Sun is a 15-minute autobiographical essay film about the filmmaker and her journey to accept life with both ugliness and beauty. 

With voice-over narration as the main storyteller, See Sun unveils the filmmaker's intimate memory and vulnerability closely related to her family and shares her on-going process of finding ways to heal herself. The story is constructed with five sections: Introduction, Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3 and the Last Chapter. Through the ugliness she encounters in her life, such as her grandmother with a physical illness, violent father, depressed mother and her own emotional incontinence, the film is a metaphor of the ugliness of life. The filmmaker reveals the hardships of loving that ugliness and how life also brings the power to live through it.

Kim Hwol - Just Flowing Away (김훨 - 그저 흘러가는 것을)
(also sung by Yuchae Lee)

See Sun