Falling, 2022

In this work, I wanted to explore the feeling of not being the center of the universe, which I felt in 2020 when the pandemic just broke out. 

As much as I enjoy looking at the grounds, I love looking up at the skies. I especially like watching airplanes and thinking about people traveling somewhere. “Maybe they are reuniting with their family, or it's their first solo trip, or for a dental appointment!” However, the pandemic has made traveling or even just being outdoors so difficult. My hobby of making up strangers’ traveling backstories as well as having my adventure somewhere, was therefore hindered. This made me feel very lost, disconnected, and like I was left behind by the rest of the world. Nevertheless, as I digested those feelings and thoughts, Hito Steryl’s In Free Fall came to my mind and I found this feeling of being fallen out quite fascinating.